Soft dried mango

Soft dried mango is processed from selected fresh mangoes in Mekong delta, Vietnam. Low temperature drying technology (Heat-pump drying system) is applied to maximize the preservation of nutrients, taste, and flavor in the final product. The advantages in R&D and processing experience make our dried mango a stand-out product in the market. 

Soft dried passion fruit

Dried passion fruit is processed from selected fresh passion fruits grown in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, where the fruits are gaining their reputation around the world because of their taste, flavor, and richness in nutrients. Combination of the soft rind (pulp) and juice makes the product of interesting texture, taste and richness in healthy nutrients. The product suits well the sensorial preferences of people from all parts of the world. Shapes and sizes can be adjusted according to the partners’ request. 

Crispy dried pomelo peel

Second drying step is applied to add the crispiness to an already-attractive dried pomelo peel, which makes it more interesting to chew. We are honored to be the first manufacturer who developed and processed this product for consumers. As it is not fried with oils and fats, it does not contain added (saturated) oils and fats but it should be packed tightly to maintain the crispiness. 

Soft dried pineapple

Pineapple is one of the most popular fruit. The dried pineapple product of our factory is manufactured from the selected pineapple fruits of the highest freshness in Mekong Delta area. Our product has been researched and developed by scientists and manufactured using advanced drying technology so that it can meet export requirements and consumers’ preferences. 

Soft dried jackfruit

Soft dried jackfruit is a natural and healthy dried fruit. It is a rising dried fruit product in international market. It is manufactured according to BRC certificate for exportation to many countries like EUROPE, USA, China and Arab countries. The flavor and taste is enjoying to eat even for kids and that is why it is gaining popularity and becoming a favorite snack. Dried jackfruit can be a replacement for animal meat for vegetarians. 

Dried pomelo peel

Pomelo peel is traditionally used as a herbal medicine to reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol and is also used in various vegetarian dishes. We apply a special procedure developed within a framework of a VLIR-UOS (Belgium) funded project to manufacture dried pomelo peel, a natural product which tastes amazingly good.  It is worth to try and introduce to your valuable consumers. Contact us for further information or for obtaining a sample. 

Crispy dried coconut

We process crispy dried coconut using a special drying procedure. Is not fried with oils or fats like other chips so crispy dried coconut does not contain added oils or fat. It is healthy and has a natural taste. People definitely love to eat as a snack or when it is mixed with other recipes of yogurt, ice cream, nuts, cereal and so on. 

Fruit and nut bars

Fruit and nut bar contains dried mango, dried orange, soft dried banana, almond nuts, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and some amount of bee honey. The product is a great combination of taste, texture, and essential nutrients from fruits (vitamin C) and nuts (Vitamin A, E, fibers, proteins, and essential fatty acids) in a convenient package of suitable serving size. Recipes can be tailored according to partners’ requests and market preference. 

Dried dragon fruit, no sugar added

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants that help protect our body cells from damage caused by environmental stresses. The major part of the fruits is water, which is evaporated away during drying making the dried dragon fruit very rich in nutrients and taste. The seeds provide quite an amount of dietary fibers, essential fatty acids, and other antioxidants. Enjoy the authentic & healthy products while helping the poor farmers in Vietnam. 

Dried guava

Guava fruits are considered as the King fruit of vitamin C. This antioxidant help boosts our immunity against germs such as viruses. With low temperature drying technology that our factory apply, the nutrients are preserved much better compared to conventional hot air drying. Typical astringency together with mild sweetness and sourness make the dried guava very enjoyable to eat.  

Dried bitter gourd with honey

Bitter gourd, or bitter melon, is a vegetable-fruit that can be used for food or for medicine. Regardless of its bitter taste, bitter melon brings immerse health benefits due to plenty of vitamins and minerals in it. The phytochemicals in bitter gourd may reduce the risk of some types of cancer. Honey is considered as a source of natural antioxidants and it helps improve our immunity system. Bitter gourd is mixed with honey and sugar to make a dried product which is healthy and interesting to eat. 

Dried grape tomato

Dried grape tomato helps us eat vegetable like a fruit. This natural treat supplies a bunch of dietary fibers, lycopene, and antioxidants. We research and apply advanced drying technology to retain maximum amount of bioactive components which are good for health. Packaging can be carried out according to partner’s requirement and we also accommodate retail packaging of your private label.  

Dried orange (Japanese) sweet potato

Orange sweet potato or Japanese sweet potato is a root vegetable with orange-color flesh that can be used in many cooking recipes. This type of sweet potatoes is an excellent source of fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin C, magnesium and antioxidants. Moreover, they can help control diabetes since they help proper secretion and function of insulin. 

Dried pomelo peel with honey

Pomelo peel is traditionally used as a herbal medicine to reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol and is also used in various vegetarian dishes. We apply a special procedure developed within a framework of a VLIR-UOS (Belgium) funded project to manufacture dried pomelo peel, a natural product which tastes amazingly good. Honey is added for the taste and health benefits.

Dried Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used widely directly or in gel form to treat various health conditions. For example, It is used to moisturize skin, supplement body with antioxidants, prevents dehydration and reduces constipation. Dried Aloe Vera is enriched further in antioxidants which can be served as a healthy snack on its own or can be mixed with yogurt, nuts, breakfast cereals … 

Dried Papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit with large, oval appearance and turns orange-yellow when ripe. It has a unique sweet taste and provides a large amount of fiber and lycopene.

Our product has been researched and developed by scientists so that it can meet export requirements and consumers’ need.

Dried orange

Dried orange is processed from imported fresh navel oranges (from Australia). It is ready-to-eat snack. Little sugar is added to improve the taste and texture. Using low-temperature drying, this product supplies our body with a very high amount of vitamin C and fibers. It does not contains fat. We also provide naturally dried oranges to use as detox tea.  

Dried apple with honey

Apple is a popular fruit, having a wide range of taste from sweet to sour and cultivated throughout the world. A combination of apple and honey is an excellent choice for beneficial nutrients and taste. Dried apple with honey is extraordinarily rich in vitamin C. A serving size of 50 gram give 80% daily value of vitamin C. It is also rich in fibers and iron mineral. 

Dried soursop (dried graviola)

Soursop is one of the emerging fruits in the world because of its distinctive flavor and taste. Fresh soursop fruits of optimal ripeness from Mekong delta region are selected and advanced low-temperature drying is applied to preserve the natural flavor and nutrients occurring in the fresh fruits. Soursop is a unique fruit that fruit-lovers shouldn’t ignore.